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CCCCC or “Czech China Culture Communication Centre” is the only company in Czech Republic focused on Chinese prospective students which can offer complete services in China and in Czech republic at the same time! Our team consists of Chinese and also Czech professionals who are ready to help you!





Why Czech Republic?

Czech Republic is lovely country situated in the heart of Europe. According to Global Peace Index, it was 6th safest country in the world in 2017 . Czech Republic is a member of European Union and Schengen area. If you will come here to study, you can also freely travel around all states in Schengen area which consists from 26 EU member states! You may also travel around Czech Republic during your stay only and see more than 2 000 medieval castles , 12 UNESCO world heritage sites, beautiful and clean countryside and much more! You can also experience European and Czech culture on your own skin! 

In Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic, are situated best universities in the country, recognized all over Europe with good repute around the World. They offer excellent quality education, international environment, studies conducted completely in English language for very reasonable price. Every Czech university is also part of European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). Among the most famous universities belongs Charles University, Czech Technical University in Prague, University of Economics Prague, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague and University of Chemistry and Technology Prague.

We offer consultations, processing of admission, assistance with visa, processing of validation of your studies in China (“Nostrification”), searching and assistance with accommodation and much more. After you come here, we can pick you up at the airport, help you to adapt in new environment, register you in dormitory and university, register you with foreign police and settle all formalities including bank account, transportation card, getting phone number and others.

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